Fareed M. Saba

Fareed Saba made an impact, before he even knew he could, by entering this world in the back of a ambulance in Chicago, IL. He just couldn't wait to start living the beautiful life that awaited him. He grew up in a suburb called Skokie where he lived most of his life. His life was tragically cut short on May 25, 2014 when he was just 31 years old. As we wait for further testing, an inconclusive autopsy leaves family and friends searching for answers as to why such a young, healthy, wonderful family man and friend would be taken so soon.

A short paragraph will never be enough to truly express who Fareed was and how he lived. These few words do no justice in exposing his true self but will help you create a small mold of an impression of who and how he was. The stories section of this website was created for others to share memories or stories about Fareed for friends and family to smile about and for those that didn't know him to get a better idea of how he lived and how wonderful his character was.

Fareed, commonly known only as Saba by his friends, lived his life with passion always wearing an angelic and Hollywood smile wherever he went. He lived full of passion and dreams. Always looking ahead at endless possibilities for his life, and all those were on the journey with him. He lived humbly and always wanting to take care of others. His true generosity was compelling. He lived genuinely and beautifully. Always laughing or making others laugh. Always there to share a shoulder to cry on or advice when needed.

Fareed was one of the most kindhearted and honest people anyone ever encountered. He harbored not one bad quality or flaw. He worked hard his whole life to make sure his endless dreams would one day become reality. He enjoyed his job as an employee for High Speed Solutions the last 6 years of his life. All he ever wanted was a happy life and family of his own. Fareed Saba left his mark on this world. He will never be forgotten but will always be missed.


Fareed leaves behind his beautiful and pregnant wife, Shelly, an incredible son, William and an unborn baby, Charles. He also leaves behind his wonderful parents Salem and Renee along with 5 loving siblings Sahar, Robert, Sylvia, Marlene and Jason. Fareed quickly became part of so many families along the way; practically growing up in the Makris household he was one of their own from a very young age. After moving to Florida he found himself submerged into so many other lives, all calling Saba, family. That's just who and how he was.

Fareed never wanted anything more than a family of his own and was so eager and ecstatic to get started quickly with his wife, Shelly. They welcomed their first son, William on May 1, 2013. Everything Fareed ever wanted, he was finally holding in his arms. Being a dad came so naturally to Fareed. He was the most incredible father to his son and it showed in their relationship and bond. It was amazing to watch the love seep out of their pores when they looked at each other. So many lives of those that called Fareed family are shattered. Going on without him seems impossible. He left pieces of himself everywhere and that is what everyone will so tightly hold on to.

His sons may never know him the way the world has been so blessed too, but his impact and his memory are so strong that his legacy will live on forever and his boys will always know what kind of stand up man their father was. Being able to share stories, photos and memories with his sons is something we all have to look forward to as we have to walk on with life without our dear, Fareed.


Fareed had countless friends. Everyone that ever came into contact with Fareed considered him a friend. He had that ability with people. It was rather impressive to others around. He leaves behind his best friend of 25 years, Spyro, who struggles with the loss along with so many others especially his family and siblings who were best friends to him as well.

Fareed was the most compassionate friend anyone had ever known. He gave the word friendship true value because he was such an incredible and honest friend. He would drop anything and give anything for those who needed it. No questions asked. He loved hard and with everything he had.

Going on without him is going to be a true challenge for all that knew him. All that shared time, whether it was years, days or only moments, will be affected by his passing.

My hope for everyone that knew Fareed is to live the rest of their lives trying to be just as whole hearted, genuine and honest to others now as Fareed was in his life. Maybe this world would be a better place if we all lived the way Fareed had.

Jessica Makris-June
Friend and adopted sister of Fareed since 1991

The concept behind this website is actually quite beautiful. All of the content: pictures, videos, stories, and events are all driven by the members of this website and online community. All people whose lives have been touched in one way or another by Fareed Saba. This is a place for everyone to share their thoughts, memories, stories, photos, and videos of / about Fareed with each other - a network of love, driven by loved ones - for someone who certainly deserved and derserves it.

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Anyone who knew Fareed knows how much he did to support his family. We have setup 2 Donation Funds to help his family through this tough time. Every donation helps tremendously. We've also setup a college fund for the two children that he's left behind.

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